Musicians Should Consider Voting by Mail 


Did you know that in the last contested election at Local 802, which was in 2009, only 21% of our membership voted? 


One reason is that it is inconvenient for many members to vote. For many, the polling stations are too far away from where they live or work. For others, they are just too busy on election day, December 4th, performing or doing holiday errands.


If you think you may not be able to get to the polling station on December 4, why not vote sooner by mail?


It can be done in three simple steps.


Step 1: Request your absentee ballot by email but do not delay, the deadline is October 15th. Click here to request your ballot.


Step 2: You will receive your ballot in the mail. Fill it in and vote for the candidates of your choice. 


Step 3: Return your ballot by regular mail to the address they provide. Your ballot must be received by December 3.


Let’s not have another low turnout election.


This year we vote. And for many, that means voting by mail.


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