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An Open Letter from Suzanne Ornstein - Freelance Violinist

Dear Fellow Musicians,


I've been a member of 802 since moving here in the fall of 1977, and have been freelancing ever since.  Like so many, I was appalled to find out that my hard-earned retirement funds were in jeopardy, particularly as the revelation came way too late for me to be able to build other retirement accounts.  So I was both surprised and grateful when the first missives from the Musicians for Pension Security began appearing in my inbox. Apparently not everyone was going to take this crisis lying down.

Adam, who spearheaded this activism, has demonstrated the qualities that we look for in a leader: innovative, persistent, having the ability to seek out expert advice and support, along with the capacities to collaborate, fundraise and communicate. He has also shown that he has the grit to hold up under criticism, whether fair or unjust, coupled with the willingness to adapt and compromise, which is equally important.


It's also important to recognize that all organizations make changes in their leadership and direction in order to survive and grow. CEOs get replaced all the time, and the sky doesn't fall. It is common practice for organizations to understand that they will benefit from bringing in fresh eyes and minds to tackle complicated and entrenched problems. It doesn't worry me at all that Adam and company face a learning curve as they navigate the issues confronting our pension and union. Indeed, for all the experience touted by the current administration, we are in considerable trouble. I plan to do what I can to support MFC in their efforts to grow and strengthen our union. Crises like ours have to be confronted head on, and we are all in debt to those who have and continue to step up to it with thoughtfulness and determination. There is simply no place for defensiveness or hand-wringing. C'mon peeps. Let's get the vote out. We can do better, and we must.




Suzanne Ornstein

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