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A Message from Adam Krauthamer
Local 802 President-elect


December 5, 2018

Dear Fellow Musicians:
We have just received the certified results of yesterday’s election and I am proud to announce that you have elected me to be your next President by an overwhelming margin. Moreover, the entire MFC slate has been elected, including Karen Fisher to the Office of Financial Vice-President, in what is a clear mandate for change. The full results of yesterday’s election can be accessed here.

We are grateful for, and humbled by, your enthusiastic support. With this mandate, we will move forward decisively to implement our vision of this union—building a more secure future for all of our members. Everyone on the MFC team is prepared to get to work to create a better future, serve our fellow musicians and create positive change at Local 802.

I wish to acknowledge President Tino Gagliardi and the current Executive Board and thank them for their years of service to this Union. We appreciate all of the time and energy they have dedicated to Local 802 and hope to find ways for them to remain involved in our work. The past few months allowed for a healthy debate between two competing visions of this Union and has only made us stronger. It is now time to unite and move forward together.

As for me it will be a bittersweet transition to give up my life as an active musician. The challenges ahead are daunting and do not lend themselves to easy solutions, whether it is the problem of declining membership, the affordability of the health plan, shoring up the Union’s finances, or the pension crisis. There is an entire generation of younger musicians that this Union must connect with. The list of issues for us to tackle together is long.

Together, we will enthusiastically take up these challenges in the belief that all of us, newcomers and veterans alike, deserve a future in which our Union is strong and our future is protected. I believe that together we can rise to these challenges with new energy, new vision and new hope. We are overwhelmed and humbled by your support and promise that we will do everything in our power to make you ALL proud.

Best regards,

Adam Krauthamer