Local 802 Election FAQ “This Year We Vote”


As part of the MFC “This Year We Vote” Pledge" we want to help all 802 members familiarize themselves with the election process at Local 802.  It has been nine years since 802’s last contested election, so we put together a quick refresher on how things work. 


Musicians for Change Announces “This Year We Vote” Election Pledge



Did you know that: 


  • Local 802 has not held a single election since 2009 

  • Many current 802 Executive Board members are appointees and have never run in an election

  • Our current 802 Financial Vice President was appointed in 2011 and has never run in an election for that office


This is not what a healthy union democracy looks like. We, the membership, bear some responsibility for this. We haven’t been paying enough attention. We are now.

It is easy to see that our current leadership is happy with the status quo. It is time to take a closer look at the current administration’s role in bringing us to where we stand as a union today in 2018. It is also time for us, the membership, to stand up and make the case for change.



Musicians for Change Introduces New Series: How Our Union Works

Part 1: Local 802 Union Leadership Structure and Election Procedures


A brief summary as well as links to the applicable 802 Bylaws for those interested in more details.



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