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MFC Negotiation Series - Part 3


A Video from Patrick Milando, Vice-Chairman of the Broadway Negotiating Committee in 2016

Patrick Milando, the Vice Chairman of the Broadway Negotiating Committee in 2016 discusses his perspective of Broadway negotiations and gives an assessment of the different skill sets Tino Gagliardi and Adam Krauthamer bring to the table.

Highlights of the video are:
Adam Krauthamer and MFC “give us the best chance of getting what we really need commensurate with the kind of profits that Broadway has been making,” says Milando. “The idea that the present administration is the only way we’re going to get a fair negotiation is fear based and without merit.”
Tino Gagliardi’s counsel was dismissive of the extensive data that the Broadway Negotiating Committee developed, including the rapidly increasing cost of living, and the record profits Broadway was generating.
It was evident from the first meeting with Tino and counsel, that there was an “old boys club” mentality, and they were in effect a “cadre of two”, who were "scarcely interested in what we were presenting."


‘With Adam we’ll have a different viewpoint as to how negotiations are run.  He will be “inclusive” and will bring a “data driven” approach to negotiating.”

“I really believe it’s time for a paradigm shift, fresh ideas and an energetic contemporary approach.”

Mr. Milando has endorsed Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change.

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