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More Fellow Musicians Endorse Musicians for Change!

The outpouring of support for Musicians for Change continues to build. The case for new leadership is being made by you, the 802 musicians. We are hearing from musicians in all sectors - Lincoln Center, Broadway, the freelance world, jazz, and elsewhere - and they all have confidence in the MFC team.  

The overwhelming support from 802 musicians has helped the whole MFC slate quickly and easily obtain all the necessary signatures to officially be on the ballot well ahead of the October 15 deadline. Thank you for all the support!

Please take a few minutes to read the words of fellow union members who have voiced their support for Adam Krauthamerand the MFC slate of candidates. And if you missed the first wave of endorsements, check them out here. We believe these words from our fellow musicians make the case for change, and they say it better than we can ourselves:

Katie Kresek - Freelance Violinist


"I'm very proud to support Musicians for Change in the upcoming election. The landscape for the freelance musician in New York City is changing at an unprecedented rate, and our union needs strong leadership that is familiar with and willing to listen to the concerns and realities of navigating it. From the most anxiety-provoking mishandling of our pension fund to new initiatives with regard to contract work, education, and membership, the candidates of Musicians for Change are showing new energy and willingness to take on complicated issues and make sure those issues are addressed. The candidates represent a refreshingly diverse range of age and experience, brought together by a passionate commitment to transparency, accountability, and long-term sustainability. Change is long overdue, and I'm looking forward to being part of a re-energized union that can be an example to others around the country."

Anton Rist - Principal Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


"I am thrilled to endorse Musicians for Change, and I believe that a change in 802 leadership can only result in a positive outcome. I appreciate their commitment to new union members, and their pledge to update and build union resources. I have worked with many of the individuals of Musicians for Change, and I trust their vision and integrity completely."

Steve Kenyon - Mean Girls Broadway, NY Saxophone Quartet


"I am thrilled to endorse Adam Krauthamer, Karen Fisher, and the MFC slate of candidates in the upcoming election.  Adam's tenacity and intelligence in bringing to light the mismanagement of our pension fund and in holding accountable those in charge has been remarkable. While many of us shrugged and went about our lives, he stepped up and invested hundreds of hours of his own time to work toward solutions, most of which have been rebuffed by the pension leadership. It is no exaggeration to say that Adam has been the single most steadfast force in advocating for all union musicians' pensions. He will bring this same tireless energy to the many challenges facing local 802. 


Karen, who I first came to admire as a fine clarinetist, has worked inside the union on behalf of concert musicians and is now bravely offering her vast knowledge and experience to help the cause of rebuilding our union. She is putting her current position on the line in running for Financial Vice President, and I am humbled by her selflessness. 


I believe that the future of 802 hangs in the balance, and I hope you will join me in supporting 802 Musicians for Change."

David Heiss - Cellist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Principal cellist, New York Pops 


"I wholeheartedly endorse MUSICIANS FOR CHANGE!   

I believe that a downturn in membership, a precarious financial situation, and a lackluster focus on our future course of action demand leaders ready to meet these and other difficulties head-on.  This slate of candidates is willing to step up and take real action -- they have a clear understanding of today's challenges for Local 802, with both vibrancy and enthusiasm for getting things done. Adam Krauthamer's tenacious guidance in spearheading Musicians for Pension Security has gained the respect of thousands of members nationally.  Let's acknowledge that leadership locally -- Vote MUSICIANS FOR CHANGE!"

Howard Wall - French Horn, New York Philharmonic 


"I fully support Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change. Having attended the rally on September 29, I am convinced that Adam Krauthamer, as President of Local 802, will take responsibility for helping the union members attain what is rightfully theirs, and will strengthen our union organization. I have been a member of Local 802 since 1994 and would like to see positive changes, such as what Mr. Krauthamer stands for."

Shari Hoffman - Clarinetist, American Ballet Theatre, American Symphony Orchestra, Stamford Symphony, "My Fair Lady" on Broadway


"I'm in full support of 802 Musicians for Change.  This is a group of smart, dedicated, experienced, forward-thinking individuals who I'm convinced will bring positive change to our entire musical community.  We are in desperate need of new perspectives and fresh ideas.  802 Musicians for Change, under the leadership of Adam Krauthamer, is exactly the change we need.  Vote for 802 Musicians for Change!!  Vote for your future!!"


Dave Roth - Percussion, King Kong on Broadway


"I am a proud member of Local 802 for over 20 years. Through my experience as a musician, I fully understand the importance of our union and how it affects our livelihoods. This collective not only provides comradeship but is a cooperative of shared ideas to bring about the best results for the whole. I not only wear one hat as a professional musician but also as an accountant for musicians not only in NYC but across the country. There are very important implications of the new tax law that directly impacts the finances of our members. I have worked towards solutions and presented to our current union leaders to help the members of Local 802 but unfortunately found our current process paralyzed to accepting change. But Adam has not only reached out to hear these ideas but is interested in creating an environment that provides openness to more ideas that can allow our union to move forward and make us relevant today and into the future. This is why I support Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians For Change party.”  

Dan Shelly - Bassoon, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


"I have been a member of Local 802 for 27 years, and I am pleased to endorse Musicians for Change in the upcoming election. The slate of candidates with Musicians for Change includes longstanding members of Local 802 who have experience and a vested interest in all genres of the New York and New Jersey music scene, including classical, Broadway, and jazz. Their dedication to preserving the AFM-EPF, and their tireless (and unpaid) efforts to address its financial crisis have led me to believe that Musicians for Change is our best choice for our future. New and innovative leadership is necessary for our union to thrive. Please join me and vote for Musicians for Change on December 4th."

Eric Reed - Faculty Juilliard School,  American Brass Quintet, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Artist, Orchestra of St. Luke’s


"Musicians for Change has a vision of an 802 which serves, connects and protects all musicians, and which aims to continue and improve upon the important work of strengthening the music business on the whole. I believe Adam Krauthamer and his team have the skills to make 802 the modern, useful and friendly place that all its members would like it to be. I’m happy to endorse Musicians for Change, for their fresh ideas aimed at making the union work for all musicians seeking its services." 


Erin Benim Mayland - Violin, Hamilton on Broadway


"I am thrilled to support Adam Krauthamer and the entire slate of Musicians for Change in our next election. I know most of the candidates personally and I believe they possess the brains, passion, integrity, foresight, and savviness we need to meet the challenges currently facing the union, as well as to make the union more inclusive to all musicians, not just Broadway and Lincoln Center musicians. I have never felt more optimism for the union’s future than I have imagining these candidates as our leaders."

Paul Murphy - Teaching Artist Faculty, New York Philharmonic; K-12 Music Curriculum Specialist, The Juilliard School; 3 years Radio City Music Hall; Freelance musician 


"I’ve known Adam since we were in school together at Yale. He is hardworking, personable, and embodies the spirit of true servant leadership. He has impressed me with his sustained and intelligent work in organizing Musicians for Pension Security, and I can’t wait for Adam the rest of the MFC team to bring that focus and work ethic to Local 802!"

Theodore Primis - French Horn, Wicked on Broadway


"I am proud to endorse Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change in our upcoming election. I've known Adam for many years and I know that  what he will bring to our union as President will be a great asset to all working musicians. Its time for a fresh, energetic, and hardworking new team. Vote Musicians for Change on Dec.4th!”

Jim Hershman - NYC freelance musician


"While many of us have been alarmed by the AFM-EPF pension crisis, few have addressed the problems as effectively as Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Pension Security. Through intense research, involving outside expert advisors, and by employing a solution-based approach, MPS has both identified problems with the management and costs of the pension, and more importantly, offered some solutions to rectifying the problems we face.

Now, through Musicians For Change, we have a chance to elect a team of hard working, thoughtful peers as officers of Local 802. Besides providing a new approach and fresh eyes to union business, they will have a chance to affect how the pension fund is run. On December 4thI will enthusiastically support the entire slate of MFC candidates, and I encourage my fellow 802 members to join in that effort."

Bradley Aikman - Double Bass, Metropolitan Opera Associate, American Ballet Theatre


"I fully support Musicians for Change and Adam Krauthamer’s team.  How much longer must we watch our pensions dwindle and healthcare stagnate before we take action?  That action is to exercise our democracy, and regardless of outcome, will strengthen our membership.  The world has changed dramatically over the past nine years and our union needs new leadership and ideas to address those changes.  I have watched Adam’s team demonstrate the leadership skills to analyze the hard data and ask the tough questions that have been ignored for so long.  Regardless of your opinion, get out there and vote!  Our union has never needed it more.  An informed, engaged, and energized membership will pay dividends to our livelihood!"

Patrick Milando - French Horn - Lion King on Broadway, recordings and concerts in the NY area and abroad


"I've know Adam both as a consummate musician and as an upstanding individual on a mission to help his fellow man.  Both of us being ardent admirers of the late and wonderful Jerome Ashby, I've seen the work Adam has done in promoting a scholarship fund in memory of that great artist.

I believe this kind of drive has now focused and solidified in the quest to better our union, and in the process, have a much different influence on the AFM.

802, being of course one of the largest contributors to our pension fund, can absolutely have a determinative role in changing the course of this quagmire that we find ourselves in.

It is REALLY not too late. Let’s start by electing Adam and his team on December 4."

Jennifer Johnson - Librarian, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"Local 802 needs some freshening up, and I believe that Musicians for Change is the best group for the job. The Musicians for Change candidates hail from a wide variety of backgrounds but share a common determination to revamp our union, making it more accessible to younger musicians, more competitive with technology, and more professionally run. Their plans to enact these goals are reasoned and well thought-out, and their excitement is contagious. I am thrilled to endorse Musicians for Change and look forward to casting my ballot for them in December."

Maxim Moston - Violinist, Arranger


"As someone who has served on boards in the past, I'm extremely grateful to the local 802 executive and trial boards for giving their time and commitment to advocate for our interests these past nine years. That said, the music business has been changing at a rapid rate and I do not feel that the current administration has necessarily kept pace. Our pension is in crisis, emerging technology raises new concerns while offering new opportunities and a younger generation of colleagues had been left out in the cold.  I've spoken with Adam and other members of MFC and I'm excited for  the fresh ideas and new energy that they will bring to the table."

Russ Anixter - Music copyist for live concerts, films, television, jingles, regional theatre, and over 50 Broadway shows


"The direction of a labor union must be a thankless job. Negotiations take on lives of their own and are complex. In the end, it’s hard to keep everybody satisfied. I believe our current administration has had its share of successes and failures depending on one’s point of view, and I appreciate their hard work. 


That being said, there is one area that has to be considered sacred, and that is our Pension. Indicators point to its eventual failure, and our current administration’s representation on the Pension board appears to be doing nothing to try and remedy the situation. We need a new administration that will take measures to ensure we will all have what we are entitled to after a career of contributions.

Adam Krauthamer has shown a keen grasp of the pension plan, and not without a lot of hard work on behalf of all of us. Adam has the balance of youth, vitality, experience, and is the type of “out of the box” thinker that we need to move our union forward in a healthy manner. Adam would be a great President of our local.


Karen Fisher for Financial Vice President brings over ten years of experience working in the concert department at local 802 after a playing career in freelance orchestras and Broadway pits. Karen understands the ins-and-outs of the daily workings of the union, and she knows what's working and what is not. Karen would be all about helping ensure a smooth transition to a new administration."

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