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Since becoming a member of the union in 2009 I have had a multifaceted freelance career playing on Broadway, performing with various recording artists and orchestras. I am currently a member of the band of Mean Girls on Broadway, have my own string quartet, and will be playing this season with the New Jersey Symphony.

As an Executive Board member, I would have two priorities. The first is to embrace a diversity of thought. We all know that an integral part of being a musician is to not just be open to other people’s ideas, but to commit to fully embodying ideas other than your own to serve a greater performance. In order to do that we as musicians must be good listeners, open minded, and rational in our decision making. I think that we can draw from the diverse experiences and perspectives of the MFC ticket and our larger union membership to find those great ideas and efficiently enact them to contribute to the future longevity of our careers and our union. My second priority would be to encourage a more efficient and transparent means of communication between the Executive Board and the 802 membership.


Now is the time for me to step up and participate in the process. I would be honored to serve as one of your representatives on the Local 802 Executive Board.

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