Recap of MFC “Meet the Candidates” Rally 


Musicians for Change held its first “Meet the Candidates” campaign rally on Saturday, September 29 at Saint Malachy‘s Church. 

The keynote speech was delivered by Adam Krauthamer to a large enthusiastic crowd. A full video replay of his speech is available here.

A transcript of his speech is available here.

Highlights of the speech:


Many of the same problems that exist that at our pension fund also exist right here at local 802 – all caused by an entrenched, out of touch and unaccountable leadership that has been in office for too long.


Under Gagliardi, 802 has been seeing annual deficits, falling membership, falling work dues, and a lack of fiscal discipline.


Mr. Krauthamer detailed the numerous foreign trips that President Gagliardi took with first class upgrades all paid for with your dues. According to the union committee overseeing his travel, many of these trips should have been paid for by the AFM.


Mr. Krauthamer proposes to unite the musician community, including jazz musicians, indie musicians, younger musicians and many others who right now see little value in joining our union.


He also pledged to restore better communication with musicians, to provide better service to musicians and to put Local 802 on a path to secure a future with good business practices, strong expense controls, and a long-term strategic plan.


He spoke about the need to create a culture of equity and inclusion and to address women’s and diversity issues.


The meeting also introduced many of the 21 candidates on the Musicians for Change ticket. They represent a vision for our future, the team has both experience and diversity. They range in age from people in their thirties to people in their seventies. Over half of our candidates are women which is a first in the Local 802 history.


Mr. Krauthamer said that the culture of the current administration is marked by fear, resignation, and pessimism. “We are a local union that woke up. We are paying attention, we are engaged and if we want it, change is possible.


MFC candidates also introduced themselves and spoke about their vision for Local 802. Watch their personal statements here.


With your participation, MFC passes another milestone at the rally!


As many of you know, candidates must receive 100 signatures in order to qualify to run in the 802 elections. We are given until October 15 to get the necessary signatures. MFC is proud to announce that after our “Meet the Candidates” rally, all of our candidates have well exceeded the 100 signature requirement. We thank you for your support!


NEW!!! - Musicians for Change Launches “Coffee with the Candidates” Meetings


Meet the candidates for Musicians for Change in person once every week for the month of October at St. Malachy’s Church.  Starting this Thursday, October 4, at 5 pm!  


"Coffee with the Candidates" in October on the 4th, 11th, 19th, and 25th.

Time: 5pm-6:30pm


Location: St. Malachy’s Church (239 W 49th St) downstairs in the community center.

We want all 802 voters to have the opportunity to meet MFC candidates in person. Stop by, have a cup of coffee, talk with candidates, voice your own ideas, questions, and concerns. For our union to be successful and strong again, we need to have an engaged membership. That starts with hearing from you, the members of Local 802. We will be there to listen and we hope to see you there! CLICK HERE TO RSVP.


Thank you for all the support! Click here to see our latest endorsements.


Meet the Candidates Rally Part 1:

Opening Remarks and Adam Krauthamer's Speech

Meet the Candidates Rally Part 2:

Candidate Personal Statements

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