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MFC Announces Program to Serve

Business Needs of Musicians

The future of this union depends on our ability to serve young musicians, freelancers, jazz musicians, indie musicians, club date musicians and all other sectors of our community that are mostly outside traditional collective bargaining agreements. Many of these musicians are entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses.
MFC believes that Local 802 needs to encourage and assist these musician entrepreneurs. We have developed a package of new benefits and features to serve the needs of this important sector of the musical community.
Services for Entrepreneurs

  • Seminars on how to start and run a successful business

  • Grant writing advice & support

  • Marketing and Social Media Support

  • Social gatherings for young entrepreneurs and musicians to share experiences and support.

  • An advisory board of successful Local 802 musician entrepreneurs to propel the program and mentor young musician entrepreneurs.


Business Services

  • Web Hosting Support

  • Web Design Training

  • A directory of active Local 802 musicians who can be hired for headshots, web design and other services.

  • A computer with free access to LinkedIn Learning and other subscriptions that are free for members to use.

  • Step by step guides on how to run a LLC or Non-profit Corporation

  • Discounts and group lessons on important business tools for freelancers and entrepreneurs like Quickbooks and other tools.

  • Help Setting up a LLC

  • Free classes on contract law

  • Access to free legal counsel

  • Discounted tax preparation service


Services for Musicians

  • Seminars on the importance of negotiating a fair wage for your gigs and how it is done.

  • Resume support

  • A referral service and directory of non-music side jobs for extra income between gigs

  • Instrument repair discounts

  • Affordable Housing Application Support

These are just some of the ways MFC plans to connect to the broader community of New York musicians.
We will also be exploring other ideas like the development of a flexible CBA for Local 802 musician entrepreneur-run groups with less than $50,000 in payroll.
Musicians have been forced to adapt to the new challenges they face in a changing industry. Local 802 must adapt as well.

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