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Lynn believes our union needs to be strengthened at a time when a rapidly changing music industry needs strong leadership 

I am proud to run for Executive Board on the MFC ticket, which upholds my belief in the democratic process, welcomes diverse opinions and encourages independent thinking. This mandate of inclusiveness will strengthen our union at a time when a rapidly changing music industry needs fresh, strong leadership.

Having moved to New York City in 1993, I have been a member of Local 802 for 25 years, and work in the symphonic and Broadway fields. I began my professional career in Florida, performing with the Philharmonic of Florida, Greater Miami Opera, Palm Beach Symphony, Opera and Ballet. Additionally, I’ve had an opportunity to work in Geneva and in Germany.


Our colleagues in the Local 802 community are not only exceptional musicians; they are creative problem solvers and are engaged in myriad pursuits outside the music profession. Through the years, I have learned from them and am now eager to give back to our union by serving on the Executive Board. I have served on several committees at 802 and, through this experience, have developed ideas about how to improve our working environment, relationships and contracts. Change is needed, and we will be better served by a union which is energized; not tired, complacent, fearful, and even worse, resigned to a status quo. With new leadership, we can implement initiatives which will address some of the entrenched problems that have plagued our Local for many years. I will work hard to bring greater clarity to contract language and strive to represent the concerns of all Local 802 members.  

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