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MFC Candidates have the Skill and Experience to Lead

The MFC Slate is on a roll. Musicians all over New York have made clear that they want a change of leadership at their union. Musicians know that change can only come from someone who can bring fresh eyes and a new approach to the many problems facing 802. 
The Members Party and President Tino Gagliardi have based their campaign around the idea that only they have the experience necessary to run this Union and if Tino Gagliardi is denied a fourth term, everything will fall apart. That’s a fear tactic all musicians should reject.
Musicians all over New York know that the MFC team has a wealth of experience to bring about much-needed change and long-term stability to this union.

Adam Krauthamer has twice now shown us he is a skilled team builder. With Musicians for Pension Security, he brought together experts in pension finance, law, and policy as well as bringing on board one of the best actuaries in the country to seek solutions, create more awareness and have better-informed membership. He shows the same skill with Musicians for Change by bringing together a team that has the experience, vision, and discipline to move Local 802 forward.

Here are some of the qualifications of our team:
Adam Krauthamer: Adam is the strong, creative, transparent and accountable leader 802 needs to build a secure future. Krauthamer has degrees from Curtis and Yale and has 12 years of experience playing in numerous orchestras and Broadway shows. He has shown extraordinary leadership, tenacity and selfless dedication to his fellow musicians tackling the complex issues that plague our pension fund. He built a national organization of more than 20,000 musicians and has been nationally recognized for his outstanding activism. He is a pragmatic problem solver, a communicator, and a team builder - bringing together a team with the skills necessary to modernize and strengthen 802.

Javier Gándara: Has been on three negotiating committees at the Metropolitan Opera - two for regular contracts and one separate one for the media agreement.

Janet Axelrod: Involved in two contract negotiations at Radio City as a member of the Orchestra Committee.

Bobby Shankin: Eight years on the executive board, six years as an 802 business rep, committee member and committee chair of several bargaining units.

Joanna Maurer: Has been on the Associate Musicians of the Metropolitan Opera committee for the past two negotiations and was co-chair for this past negotiation.

Kyle Hoyt: Negotiated four individual contracts for full-time symphony orchestra positions. These include the Syracuse, Columbus, and Jerusalem Symphony Orchestras.

Karen Fisher: 12 years as a business rep at Local 802, several years as President of OUR, the union representing business reps and organizers at Local 802, negotiating committee work at Lincoln Center before working at 802.

Dean LeBlanc: Co-Chair, Associate Musicians of the Metropolitan Opera committee for the most recent negotiation.

Morris Kainuma: Served on Orchestra Committee for American Ballet Theater for seven years, including two contract negotiations.

Elise Frawley: Participated in the AFM Digital Media negotiations with major television networks in 2018 and Local 802 negotiations with Feinstein/54Below.
Negotiations are complex and involve research, preparation, careful planning, and consensus building with a great team which MFC has and we will bring all these resources to bear on negotiations. Local 802 is in good hands with Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change.

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