As a candidate for the Executive Board, my goal is to work with the elected Officers to protect, educate and provide strong leadership for all musicians. Together, we will bring a creative, fresh, no-nonsense approach to our work at Local 802. 

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Janet believes in strong leadership, camaraderie and cooperation at our union

I began my career as co-founder of a non-profit new-music ensemble that won ASCAPs first prize in adventurous programming and an NEA award. At that time, I was not aware of the advocacy role and considerable advantages our union provided for musicians. With this perspective, I can relate to young music school graduates who have yet to appreciate how membership and involvement in the Union is important and will be required! I will work to correct the misconceptions of Union protections, repair the dysfunction that has caused long-time AFM members to lose faith in the Union, and create opportunities to bring musicians to New York’s audiences.


I have worked in NYC for decades as a flutist, performing with the New York City Opera, the American Symphony Orchestra, the New Jersey, Stamford, New Haven and Westchester Symphonies among many others. I’ve been in the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra as a pool member since 2001.  On Broadway, I have held positions and substituted in dozens of shows.  I perform and record on flutes from all over the World.  In addition to these orchestral, chamber and World-music experiences, my son was a member of the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus and my husband is a jazz artist.  I will use this far-reaching experience to relate to the needs of musicians in all genres.


As a member of the bargaining committee at Radio City we negotiated for hard-earned advancements in a challenging atmosphere. But we also lost many benefits that had been in place for years. Through this experience, I have learned that the managements and CEOs who own the venues and hire musicians are not negotiating out of fear. They are planning 5,10, 20 years in advance. There is no fear in planning. Musicians must come to the table with a similar stance; to be bold and negotiate for what is reasonable and fair, and to plan for the future. This can be accomplished with strong leadership, camaraderie and cooperation at our Union. 


We as musicians have extraordinary expertise in our craft and art.  We are at the forefront of technological advances. By combining these skills and with our strength as Union members, we have the power to promote live music, musical history and plan for the future. I hope you will give me your vote as a member of the Executive Board at Local 802. 

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