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Gagliardi: Experience We Can’t Afford

The Members Party and President Tino Gagliardi have based their campaign around the idea that Mr. Gagliardi – and only Mr. Gagliardi – has the experience necessary to run this union. 
But what has all that experience brought us? A dramatic membership decline, flatlining revenues and inordinate growth in expenses. Lavish and unnecessary foreign trips to places like Paris and Tokyo. A failure to address strategic issues like the pension in a proactive and thoughtful way. 
That’s not the kind of experience we need – or can afford – for another three years.
Here is Mr. Gagliardi’s record:

  • Membership has declined 15% under the Gagliardi administration.

  • Local 802 lost money in each of the past three years.

  • Since 2015 work dues at 802 have been on “a steady non-accelerating decline,” according to Tom Olcott, the Financial Vice President.

  • Expenses on a per member basis have increased by 36.8% per member since 2010.

  • Expenses are growing at 2.3x the rate of revenue growth.

Mr. Gagliardi went on so many expensive trips to international conferences that his own appointees officially reprimanded him as follows: “CAC is concerned about funding President Gagliardi’s travel to international conferences that in our view should be an AFM responsibility and not a Local 802 responsibility…The committee is concerned about the increasingly rapid depletion of funds.”[1]
Mr. Gagliardi traveled to places like Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, Bucharest, Beijing, Tokyo, London, Rome, Budapest, and Paris. There were numerous upgrades on flights for Mr. Gagliardi paid for with your dollars.
In 2011, Mr. Gagliardi spent $23,000 for new chairs for his conference room.
Mr. Gagliardi has spent lavishly forPR. He is currently spending $224,000 per year for PR. The prior administration spent a fraction of that amount. 
Over the last 9 years Mr. Gagliardi was willing to get on a plane to go anywhere but he almost never went out into the field or held substantive communications with the membership. 

That’s not the kind of experience this Union needs right now.

[1]Minutes of October 18, 2016 meeting of Coordinating Advisory Committee to the Special Projects and Services Fund.

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