MFC Announces Third Round of Endorsements

The outpouring of support for Musicians for Change continues to build. We are proud to announce the third round of endorsements from you, the musicians of New York. The first two rounds can be seen here and here.
Musicians from all sectors - Lincoln Center, Broadway, the freelance world, jazz, and elsewhere – want the MFC team to rebuild the strength of Local 802. To rebuild the membership base and to strengthen its finances. To bring new thinking to the challenging environment we find ourselves in. To make our union leadership more transparent and more accountable to its membership. To make our union serve its membership better and to be more responsive to its needs. And to challenge the trustees of the pension plan to right the ship.
Please take a few minutes to read the words of fellow union members who have voiced their support for Adam Krauthamer and the MFC slate of candidates. 
Michelle Baker - French Horn, Former Second horn, Metropolitan Opera
Faculty: Manhattan School of Music, Mannes and Montclair State  
“I am excited to endorse Adam Krauthamer and the entire MFC slate for the upcoming 802 election. I have known Adam for a long time both as a horn player and through his hard work helping to establish the Jerome Ashby Scholarship. I have been impressed with the work Adam has done on behalf of musicians over the years, and I know his intelligence and determination with translate to good governance at Local 802. Our union is in need of a leadership change so we can bring in fresh energy and a new direction for 802 musicians. Please join me in support of Musicians for Change.”
Kory Grossman - Percussionist at My Fair Lady on Broadway
“I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Musicians for Change. 
I believe it’s time for a fresh outlook on all the issues that face the union and its members. The “same old, same old” is not working. This amazing group of people on the MFC ticket represents the energy, intellect, and insight we need going forward.”
Chad Yarbrough – Wicked, Broadway
“I have known Adam Krauthamer for more than 15 years, and he has always been passionate about the challenges that affect our union membership. His amazing work with the pension fund issues demonstrates his vision, tenacity, and willingness to fight for what he knows is right. I support Musicians for Change and look forward to this great group of candidates leading Local 802 into the next era.”
David Cerutti - Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Principal Viola; Metropolitan Opera, Associate Musician


“I am an enthusiastic supporter of 802 Musicians for Change. We are in desperate need of dynamic and forward-thinking people who understand the rapidly-changing landscape of our industry, and who are willing to aggressively face those challenges with new and creative solutions. Declining membership and waning unionized engagements demand new ideas and action. We can count on Musicians for Change and I fully endorse them in this crucial election.”  
Steve Nathan - Studio Musician, Nashville
“I've known Adam Krauthamer through our mutual efforts to save our pension fund and restore accountability to our Union. He is honest, sincere, dedicated and relentless in his pursuit of justice for his fellow Union members. The team of candidates he has assembled on the Musicians for Change ticket is the breath of fresh air needed at Local 802 and a vital first step in restoring integrity and accountability to the AFM's leadership. Please help spread this message and get the ball rolling. I believe it will be good for all AFM musicians. I urge you to cast your vote with them.”
Ellen Westermann - Cellist, Metropolitan Opera, American Ballet Theatre
“I am very excited to endorse 802 Musicians for Change! Adam Krauthamer is a strong leader and has a clear vision of what needs to be changed to make Local 802 more effective for its members. He has already worked tirelessly to expose the problems with our pension fund and now has assembled an outstanding slate of candidates to run with him to make much-needed changes at Local 802. I have great respect for each of the candidates running and couldn’t ask for a better group of people to represent our union. Our future depends on making these changes and I hope everyone will join me and vote for 802 Musicians for Change on December 4th!”

Michael P. Atkinson - Freelance Hornist, Arranger/Orchestrator

“Everyone knows the enormity of the current and future challenges concerning Local 802 and the AFM.  I believe that the entire Musicians For Change team are up to the task of modernizing our Union.  They are qualified not only through collective experience, but the ticket more fully reflects the current state of the music industry in NYC.  I believe Adam Krauthamer will be an excellent president. He has shown himself to be a man of integrity through his work establishing the Jerome Ashby Scholarship Fund, and with Musicians for Pension Security.  It takes guts to shine a light on the huge problems inside the pension. It takes guts to directly and loudly challenge the longstanding incumbent Member's Party.  Most of all, it takes courage to bring fresh thinking to the table when things have been entrenched for a long time.  I believe the MFC team will do whatever it takes to support each and every member of Local 802, and to lead the way to securing the future of professional music in New York City.”

Tony Cecere - French Horn, Former Artistic Extra Met Opera Orchestra, Former Principal New Orleans Philharmonic, Philadelphia Brass, Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Broadway shows since 1985; Proud Member of Local 802 since 1969. 
 “I am delighted to endorse Karen Fisher's candidacy for Financial Vice President of Local 802. I have known Karen since before the time of the Broadway Musician's strike in 2003 and I am certain that she would be terrific in the position. Karen is extremely dedicated, honest to a fault, cheerful, empathetic, and has always been willing to go out of her way to help the 802 membership. I consider her to be a genuine, old-school ardent trade unionist; an individual who has worked extensively in the classical freelance and Broadway fields. Karen understands the challenges that we are facing on all fronts, especially concerning our imperiled AFM Pension Fund. Together, with Adam Krauthamer as our next President and the entire outstanding slate of MFC candidates, Local 802 can face a difficult future with leadership that will provide a much-needed course correction from our current drift.”
Rob Jost - Bass - Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway and Sesame Street
"Over the years I have listened to many of my colleagues wax bitterly on the state of our union; our outdated technology and the 11th-hour approach to renegotiating important contracts, often resulting in unnecessary lost ground. I have tried to steer my colleagues toward the bright side. After all, we ourselves are the union. In the end, it falls to us collectively to make it what it can be, rather than complain about it. Our current leadership has accomplished many things, but they have not prioritized member involvement and awareness. During this difficult time for our business, we need all hands-on-deck if we are to keep moving forward. Adam Krauthamer and the MFC ticket prioritize just this sort of education and involvement of the rank and file we so badly need. In reading Adam’s emails on the subject of the pension, I have come to know him as a strong intellect, not in the least intimidated by opponents. In conversation, I have found him to be a great listener. I am convinced that considerable change is within our grasp at local 802 on December 4th, 2018. “
Alden Banta - King Kong, Broadway
“I am pleased to endorse Musicians for Change and Adam Krauthamer for President of Local 802. I feel the Pension crisis is the biggest issue the union has ever faced. Adam has pushed the current Pension fund board and current administration into more transparency and better communication. Still a long way to go, Adam will not sit idle while our futures are at stake. He brings a fresh perspective, openness to ideas, he LISTENS and his new energy will bring us into a more secure future!”
Christopher Deschene - Music Prep, Co-Supervisor of THE BAND’S VISIT
"I have been working closely with Adam over the last year and I wholeheartedly endorse him. In my experience, not only is Adam an excellent musician but his strong leadership has been shown in Musicians for Pension Security. This is a difficult job. He succeeded in organizing, negotiating, and dealt with Washington politicians and attorneys. The drive and effort he put into MPS can now be translated to Local 802. We need people who are younger and more connected to current issues. It is clearly time for change. We need to elect Adam Krauthamer for president of Local 802.”
Tony Brackett - Clarinetist - Broadway, Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, Teacher, Arranger
“I am a retired member of Local 802 and have worked in the classical, commercial and education fields of the music industry for over 35 years. I became a father late in life and decided to take my pension at age 55 so that I could be available to raise my twins to the best of my ability. Like many of my colleagues not only am I deeply troubled by the mismanagement of the Pension Fund, but I am also troubled by the lack of insight and diversity in the makeup of current Local 802 officers and Board members. I have known and worked with Karen Fisher, a fellow clarinetist, for many years. Karen does her homework. Karen speaks out. Karen is fearless. Karen is a good listener and Karen is a warrior. Karen Fisher is what we need. I give 100% of my support to MFC and Karen Fisher and urge you to do the same. Enough of the status quo. It is time for a fresh approach. The slate of officers running under 802 Musicians for Change is comprised of honest, intelligent, hardworking women and men with a broad range of experience in the music industry. They span the ages of 20’s through 70’s. Running 802 is a challenging job and we need the best in those seats. Jobs need to be protected. Women, minorities, LGBTQ and seniors need to be protected. We need to support 802 Musicians for Change. Please vote not only for Karen Fisher, but also Adam Krauthamer and the entire slate for 802 Musicians for Change as if your lives depend on it, because our lives do depend on it.”

David Peel - French Horn, Aladdin Broadway

"I’ve known Adam for more than a decade and am happy to call him a friend. While I typically try to keep out of the political arena, I now feel the need to get involved based on recent events and communications from people currently serving in our union’s leadership. I sincerely believe local 802 members will be fortunate to have Adam and his team leading our union into a new era of transparency, accountability and open dialogue that is inclusive for all musicians. Adam has already done more listening than talking and I couldn’t be more proud of him for his leadership and desire to take on the responsibility of guiding local 802 into the future."
Rich Rosenzweig - NYC Freelance Drummer/10 Broadway shows, the Encores! at City Center, Kennedy Center Honors 2006-2015, Currently on Tour With "Hello Dolly”.
“Without a doubt, the most valuable asset to our Union - after demanding a fair wage - is the Pension Fund. Like many, my hard-earned pension represents the bedrock of my financial stability as I head into my senior years. The way the current 802 Administration has handled this emergency has been a crushing disappointment, not the least of which has been their view of the problem as a minor glitch, rather than the catastrophe that it is. Adam Krauthamer and MFC have had the courage and commitment to step in and insist on accountability, transparency, and, most notably, offer viable options and solutions to help us through this disaster. I have been consistently impressed with their persistence, and I'm confident that they will fight hard to represent us in the coming years. We desperately need this change in administration now, and in the coming years."
Joshua Pierce - Concert Pianist and International Recording Artist - Local 802 since 1973
“I am pleased to lend my overwhelming support to Musicians for Change and Karen Fisher for Financial Vice President of Local 802.  Karen and I have been professional colleagues and friends for decades. She is among of the most thoughtful, sincere and intelligent people I know. She is a first-rate musician and has been a diligent, caring, and responsible business representative at Local 802 for over a decade.  She has been a strong and steadfast advocate for us all! I cannot say enough about Karen. Karen is hardest on herself and a tough person to impress. If she has chosen to run with Adam Krauthamer and the MFC ticket, then this speaks volumes. I have no doubt that this team will lead Local 802 into a better future.”

David Peel - French Horn, Aladdin Broadway

"I’ve known Adam for more than a decade and am happy to call him a friend. While I typically try to keep out of the political arena, I now feel the need to get involved based on recent events and communications from people currently serving in our union’s leadership. I sincerely believe local 802 members will be fortunate to have Adam and his team leading our union into a new era of transparency, accountability and open dialogue that is inclusive for all musicians. Adam has already done more listening than talking and I couldn’t be more proud of him for his leadership and desire to take on the responsibility of guiding local 802 into the future."

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