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MFC Announces Fourth Round of Endorsements

As we near election day on December 4th, the outpouring of support for Musicians for Change continues. We are proud to announce the next round of endorsements from you, the musicians of New York. The first three rounds of MFC endorsements can be seen here, here, and here.


The entire MFC slate has received widespread encouragement from musicians across the tri-state area. Colleagues from all sectors - Lincoln Center, Broadway, freelance, jazz, indie, club date, teaching artists and elsewhere – want the MFC team to rebuild Local 802 into a union of strength, inclusion, and cooperation.   


Elections matter! For the first time in almost a decade, our union will hold an election on December 4th. This election is about our future. In less than two weeks, we can come together as one community of musicians, and choose to embrace the possibilities of change. It won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. But we can change this union. The hope of a better future is something every 802 musician deserves. 


James Moore - Music Director: Titanic, Miss Saigon, On The Town, Follies, Ragtime; US Music Supervisor, Les Miserables


"We are in desperate need of new leadership with bold ideas and fresh thinking to guide us through the challenging times we face. While I am thankful for the service of our current administration and executive board members, I feel Local 802 is at a crossroads. I believe Musicians for Change will re-energize the membership by listening more closely to the members it serves. I enthusiastically endorse Adam Krauthamer, and the entire Musicians for Change slate.”


Matt Dine - Principal Oboe, American Ballet Theater and Arts Photographer


“I am proud to endorse Adam Krauthamer. The title “Musicians for Change” says it all - I think we are in need of a change and it appears Adam is poised to fill the leadership vacuum that has plagued our union for too many years. His thinking is current, and that is exactly the quality that we need.”


Thomas Masse - Former Associate Provost for the Arts and Deputy Dean, Yale University, Dean and Professor of Music School of Music, Stetson University


"I am so pleased to give my full support for Adam Krauthamer as candidate for President of the Local 802. I have known Adam since he was a student at Curtis and then was his academic dean during his studies at Yale. Adam is a world-class horn player who has performed with some of the country's most important orchestras and has worked as a professional musician for more than 15 years. He is admired and respected by all who know him for his artistry, his charisma, and for his kindness and social conscience. Adam is smart and has a significant knowledge of pensions and regulation; so much so that he was honored at the national level for Pension Activism. Given his artistic excellence and his generous personality, strength of character, passion, and energy, I cannot imagine anyone better positioned to advocate for the needs of working musicians. I have mentored thousands of remarkable young musicians over the course of my career, but have seen very few individuals with Adam's level of musicianship, leadership, and character. I believe all working musicians in Local 802 will benefit by the leadership Adam will provide.”


Armen Donelian - New School Jazz Faculty (1986-present)


“Although the problems with the AFM-EPF were the reason that Adam Krauthamer first came to my attention, it is the dogged way that he has gone about deconstructing the pension issues, and the clear and transparent way he has persistently communicated his findings and proposals to his listeners, that have kept me interested in what he has to say.


Adam Krauthamer is a highly competent and dedicated servant of the greater good for all members of Local 802. I welcome the fresh, clean air that he injects into the stale atmosphere of entrenched union politics. While he may not have every answer to all the questions right now, I firmly believe that he will find those answers. He represents hope and possibility; more so than the incumbent who, however well-meaning, has had more than enough time at the helm."


Adam deserves a chance to bring his talents to bear at Local 802 and that is why I have already voted for him with my absentee ballot. I heartily encourage others to do the same.”


Lauren Molina - Broadway Actress, Local 802 Musician, Co-Creator The Skivvies


“I'm a member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA, and 802. I have seen firsthand these other entertainment unions focus on the future and embrace change in order to adapt and provide a more secure future for members. Since joining Local 802 in 2005 our union has been unwilling to look to the future. That is why I am excited to support Adam Krauthammer and 802 Musicians for Change because we desperately need new ideas, a creative vision and energized leadership to establish a strong, healthy union for current and future generations of working musicians. Vote Dec 4.”

Lynne Shankel - Orchestrator, Arranger, Music Supervisor; Allegiance, Company, Cry-Baby, Bare, Altar Boyz


“Our union leads from the dark ages and we are desperately in need of new faces and new ideas. Membership is dwindling and our pension crisis is real. If we don’t make changes now, there will be nothing left for many of us to retire on. All I have seen from the current leadership is a lot of finger pointing and an inability to take both responsibility and action. We need to move in a new direction and I endorse Musicians for Change.” 


Kari Docter - Cellist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


“In this fragile world we live in (politically, socially, environmentally, and artistically), we need proactive, committed, new energy. Musicians for Change promises that. I endorse this ticket for their commitment to lighting a fire under a dwindling organization/union, one that needs fresh creativity and light to excite all its members to use their unique talents to work for positive change. One specific motivation of mine is greening our workspaces (in my case, Lincoln Center and the Met). MFC has expressed concern about this, and interest in working together to create greener, more sustainable work environments, whether that means digitalizing paychecks or making sure our cafeteria recycles.  Please join me in voting for Musicians for Change on Dec. 4th!”


Barbara Jöstlein Currie - Fourth Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


“I was very impressed with Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change when they came to the Met to speak with the orchestra. I am very encouraged by Adam’s knowledge of the issues, and of his willingness to listen to our concerns and answer them honestly, with passion, and intelligence. I fully support Adam and all of the musicians on the Musicians for Change ticket.”


Amy Kauffman - Violist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


“I am excited about Musicians for Change’s fresh ideas for growing Local 802 and leading it in this time of rapid change in our industry. Musicians for Change’s strong positions on vital issues such as diversity, equality, and sustainability will help to make Local 802 more relevant to today’s musical community.”


Daire FitzGerald - Principal cellist, St. Luke’s Chamber Orchestra


"I am delighted to endorse Musicians for Change in the upcoming election. Members of MFC first came to my attention when we learned that our pension fund was in such dreadful shape, and it was important to me find out what was happening and what our options were. It has been exciting to watch Adam Krauthamer speak about the current issues facing our union, and to witness his energy and enthusiasm towards finding solutions. I am always thankful to those who give of their time to help our community. I thank all those that have come before, but it is time for new energy and new ideas to move our Union forward. I endorse Adam Krauthamer, Karen Fisher and Musicians for Change, and I encourage all to do the same!”


Dave Romano - Substitute Bass; Metropolitan Opera, New Jersey Symphony, American Ballet Theatre 


“Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change have a clear plan that will lead to a stronger union and a more secure future for all 802 musicians. The lack of leadership and accountability surrounding the most basic issues that we face as musicians are unacceptable.  Adam stepped into that leadership void with the pension crisis and now he can help lead Local 802. I am happy to endorse Adam and the entire Musicians for Change ticket and encourage all 802 musicians to do the same!”


Claire Bryant - Cellist, Co-founder Decoda


"I am endorsing Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change slate because I believe this team has the vision to revitalize, recharge, and reshape our union. The core of their mission is to make Local 802 supportive of all musicians in the greater New York City area - and it’s about time! 


As a freelancer in the city for the past 13 years, I, like many others, perform in multiple capacities, including subbing on Broadway, freelance orchestras, chamber music, and as a teaching artist in public schools and other community venues. As a co-founder of an NYC-based chamber music collective called Decoda, I believe Musicians for Change is equipped to modernize, professionalize and diversify the union using innovative ideas. 


The current administration has failed to look beyond its past and toward our current and changing needs. Its efforts should embrace all, not just the big contracts. Their reputation for being slow to respond to member inquiries has become the status quo, and we deserve better. Musicians for Change and Adam Krauthamer will bring positive, needed change for the health and future of Local 802.”


Damian Primis - My Fair Lady Broadway


“I am proud to endorse Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change slate. The music business is always changing around us and we as musicians have always had to adapt by embracing change. Unfortunately for many years, our union has not adapted to these new challenges, making  802 more and more disconnected from the very musicians they represent. I believe MFC has the drive, passion, curiosity, and experience to help our Union finally embrace change and realize its full potential.” 


Peter Sachon - Principal Cellist, My Fair Lady Broadway


“For more than twenty years I have been a working musician here in New York. I have produced concerts, and I have also served on many theater committees. Nine years ago, Tino Gagliardi was the right choice. But like so much else in America, today is different. We need new leadership to help bring our Local 802 into the twenty-first century so that we can become a more vital and relevant union. The problems facing working musicians are multifaceted and complex, and I believe that Adam and his team are the best chance we have to successfully navigate the challenges facing us all. I fully support Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change in the upcoming election.”


Keve Wilson - Freelance oboist, Carousel, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder


“I support Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change slate for the upcoming election. Having known many of the musicians running with MFC, as both colleagues and friends, I have complete faith and trust in this team. As a member of Local 802 since 1997, I am concerned about the fate of our pension plan. I will never forget the relief I felt when I attended a meeting held at St. Malachy’s Church. Adam Krauthamer clearly explained what was happening with our pension. The long ovation he received was well deserved. In 2011, I attended a negotiation meeting for an orchestra I was performing with. We came to the table to try to peacefully negotiate a working contract in order to could keep our orchestra alive. The negative emotion from the current administration confused me. Why were they so aggressive and angry at us? This experience has stayed with me and I am confident that MFC will listen to our concerns, work with the managements of our orchestras, and exhibit reasonable representation for our union. I am excited to endorse Musicians for Change.”


Keith Bonner - Flutist, Freelance Musician; Riverside Symphony, Borealis Wind Quintet, Greater Bridgeport Symphony


“I’m happy to support Musicians for Change. I agree with many of their innovative ideas on underserved musicians, business-related issues and commitment to building a stronger community of musicians. Their proactive measures to engage the musicians of Local 802 has already been tireless. I trust the direction their leadership promotes and am inspired by their time and efforts in addressing not only our pension but many pertinent issues affecting all musicians.  A more inclusive union with our future in mind.”


Daniel Sullivan - Anastasia Broadway


“For the past six years, I have had the honor of calling Adam Krauthamer a good friend. In that time, I have come to regard him as one of the most intelligent, communicative and passionate people I know. He has worked tirelessly to dissect and digest the many intricacies of our pension crisis. Adam’s uncanny ability to bring people together is rivaled only by his seemingly bottomless appetite for knowledge. Watching his transformation as just another musician like me, fortunate enough to be making a living, into a leader has been truly inspiring. There is no one better suited to lead our union into the brighter and more inclusive future we all deserve.”


Robin Seletsky - Former Principal Clarinet, Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra


“As a longtime AFM member, I would like to offer my endorsement of Karen Fisher for Financial Vice President as well as the entire slate of candidates in the Musicians for Change party.  I have known Karen for over 25 years both personally and as a professional colleague.  In addition to being experienced, she is honest, direct and fiercely committed to making positive changes for union musicians.  I have no doubt that she will fight for what is right and will handle the fiscal stewardship with great integrity.”

Jeffrey Lang - Associate Principal Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra, Former Principal Horn ASO, Stamford Symphony and Beauty and the Beast Broadway

“I am writing in support of MFC in the upcoming Local 802 election. I worked under Local 802 contracts for fifteen years as a member of the American Symphony and “Beauty and the Beast” orchestras. I teach at the Curtis Institute of Music, Temple University and Bard College, and I am still active in local 802 even as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. 


Being in touch with the new generation of musicians on a daily basis has made it clear to me that local 802 needs to adapt and change for a more secure future. Artistic excellence is foremost on the minds of young musicians. We support the new generation and are often amazed by their artistry, but we should also take an active role in bringing these musicians and their ensembles into the professional world. Younger players need encouragement, clear information and a good reason to join the union. I am confident that MFC will guide and listen to the concerns of our next great generation of musicians. We need leadershipwho can speak to and recruit these talented musicians in a relevant manner and I believe Adam Krauthamerand his excellent slate is equipped to accomplish this.


I am also confident that MFC will respect and uphold the hard work and gains that our union has fought for over many years. Local 802 must serve all musicians. All members need to have the confidence that they are being well represented at the bargaining table. We all want the peace of mind that good health care and a secure pension bring. Job security and fair compensation allow us to focus on the original reason we became musicians: creativity and the love of great music making. In this critical time for all the arts in AmericaI am confident that Musicians for Change will take a leading role to ensure that live music will flourish at the highest artistic level for generations to come. Vote for MFC”

Cliff Roberts - Pipe Major of St. Ann’s of Hampton Pipes and Drums, a professional Highland Bagpiper, and proud member of 802.


“I would like to endorse Lynne Cohen and her efforts for election to the executive board of Local 802. Lynne is an integral part of my band and has taken on significant leadership roles over the years. I believe that Musicians for Change will make an important difference to the future of our union. I endorse Lynn Cohen and the entire slate of Musicians for Change.


Una Tone - FreelanceViolinist


“I don’t feel that the current union administration represents my interests. They have ignored the voices of musicians who just want to see some basic accountability and leadership in tough times. I trust that the Musicians for Change slate will provide the hope, change, and accountability that I and many musicians want to see from 802. I endorse the entire MFC ticket and urge everyone to join me.”

Paul Cohen - saxophone, is an internationally acclaimed solo performer, teacher, and author is on the faculty of MSM, NYU, Wuerhs College and Rutgers. He has performed with the NY Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, American Symphony Orchestra, Charleston, San Diego, Cleveland, San Francisco, Charleston and Portland Symphonies. Published over 100 articles and books on saxophone history and pedagogy and is on over 30 recordings of orchestra, chamber and solo music. 


Karen Fisher is one of those rare people whose unimpeachable personal integrity, (combined with a clear-thinking no nonsense approach to issues) engenders a sense of confidence and trust. Through my many years as performer and college educator, commercial and concert player and author, I have known Karen as a trusted colleague, friend, fellow performer, and now as union representative.  She has helped me with union issues, explaining the bureaucracy as well as assisting with workable solutions, and has been patient and crystal clear in taking me through so many of the difficult issues facing our union.  I have enormous respect for her clarity of thought and genuine concern for the union and the union members. 

The issues facing our union are many and complex.  More than just the pension disaster are our contracts, membership and sustainability as a union. The current administration’s success overall is checkered and deserves careful scrutiny. 


While I am carefully considering all of the issues, I have complete trust in Karen in whatever position she holds and her desire and ability to make positive change.

Gabriel Schaff - violinist, Stamford Symphony, author, educator

I have known Karen Fisher for over a dozen years. Throughout that period of time, I have picked up the phone many times to ask her professional advice or opinion on union policy, challenges facing musicians today, and the potential for moving forward with non-union projects with the goal of bringing them under union contract. 

Karen has always been supportive, respectful, discreet, and has followed through graciously on every issue, every time. Those are the qualities I admire most in an executive; the ability to see not only from the top down, but from the bottom up, and to do so inclusively and with compassion.

I used to be one of the numerous freelancers who juggled orchestra concerts, Broadway subbing, operas and ballets, nearly all of it under union contract. After the financial crash 10 years ago, I gradually joined the silent majority of Local 802 members who used to be overbooked, but had now started to fall from Plan A to Plan B (to Plan Zero), and watched their pension contributions fall off a cliff as many long-standing orchestras failed, and sub pools shrank and became more partisan. Karen has always offered a kind word, a sage observation, and concrete advice on how to pursue a possible solution to many issues facing professional musicians. Even when out of her purview, Karen has helped me (and other 802 members) understand what can and cannot be done, and how to begin to address the need for change at our local and the AFM. I wish her well in her candidacy. 


Rob Zappulla - Freelance Trumpeter / Vocalist 

I have been a member of the AFM since 1980.  I have known Karen Fisher since well before I joined.  She has always been an incredible communicator as well as someone with enthusiasm, common sense and excellent work ethics.  I look forward to see her gain the position of Financial Vice President.  She is someone that can be trusted to make responsible decisions and get things done!

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