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Fellow Musicians Endorse Musicians for Change!

There has been an outpouring of support for Musicians for Change since we launched our campaign on September 5th. Musicians in New York know that MFC will strengthen and renew our union and will build a more secure future for all its members.


We have received many endorsements from our fellow musicians which we will be sharing with you throughout the campaign. Today, please take a few minutes to read the words of fellow union members who have voiced their support for Adam Krauthamer and the MFC slate of candidates!

Musicians for Change Endorsements

Anthony McGill- Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic


“I’m excited to support Musicians for Change because we desperately need new, energized leadership to establish a strong, healthy union for current and future generations of working musicians.”

Michael Davis- Trombonist, Founder - Hip-Bone Music

“I wholeheartedly support Musicians for Change!  Our union needs transparency, honesty, creativity, and progressive thinking if we hope to survive and grow in the coming years. Adam and his team, through their work with Musicians for Pension Security, have demonstrated they possess the integrity and experience to accomplish this mission. Thank you Musicians for Change for giving us a choice.”

Julie Landsman- Former Principal Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra 1985-2010,  Juilliard Faculty 1989-present, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra 2011-present.


“My personal interactions with Adam Krauthamer involved setting up the Jerome Ashby Scholarship fund at Juilliard. Adam is a man of great integrity, and will make an outstanding new President of Local 802.”

Tony Kadleck- NYC-based freelance trumpet player and educator.


“I am supporting 802 Musicians for Change because I believe we need to enlist new people with fresh ideas who will help us build a stronger union. I know these people to be hardworking, intelligent and tenacious, and that they have been paying close attention to the challenges facing musicians, both on a local and national level. While I appreciate the work our current officers have accomplished, we need a change now. Please join me in voting for Musicians for Change.”

Anja Wood- Cellist, Hamilton Broadway


“I have performed in NYC for over 25 years and have had some incredible musical experiences. Through the years, I learned to appreciate the dedication and determination it takes to make our chosen profession work for us once we retire. In 2009, I voted to elect our current union administration, fully aware that they would be in the driver’s seat while I earned those retirement and health benefits. It has been crushing to see what has happened to our pension fund on their watch. But it woke me up.


In early 2017, a group of concerned musicians got together to brainstorm ideas and seek possible solutions to help the AFM-EPF recover. Musicians for Pension Security was formed, and Adam Krauthamer soon took the lead. Adam and I have played several shows together, but I had never heard him speak so eloquently and passionately about what matters most to musicians from a political perspective. He meticulously studied the pension plan, read through bylaws and analyzed the market. He spoke with political and labor leaders to discover what could be done for the 50,000 members of a failing pension fund. He traveled to Washington DC to work with the Pension Rights Center and was then honored as an activist at the Carnegie Institution. Adam developed a relationship with one of the foremost multi-employer actuaries in the country and led MPS to raise funds to hire him to scrutinize our fund and determine what could be done to fix it.


Adam Krauthamer is a doer. He sees what needs to be done for the betterment of our membership, and against all odds, he makes it happen. I am confident he will be the kind of leader who will successfully represent Local 802, as our careers evolve through the technological and cultural challenges we face in our ever-changing profession. I’ll be voting for Adam Krauthamer and the MFC ticket, and I hope you will join me.”

Erik Ralske- Principal Horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra


“I am happy to support Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change. We desperately need new voices and energy in these challenging times to make our union stronger and more effective. I believe this team can address the issues of declining membership, fewer union contracts and stabilizing our pension fund’s future.”

Roger Rosenberg- Baritone Saxophone, Tito Puente, Buddy Rich, Mongo Santamaria, Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer, and many others. Years of Broadway, studio work, 7 years Radio City Music Hall. Currently touring with Steely Dan since 2006. 


“I first met Adam Krauthamer when we played in the orchestra for Bullets Over Broadway.  I was both impressed by his musicianship and his respect for, and friendship towards his fellow musicians. Over the last year, I’ve been enormously impressed by his dedication in the fight to protect our pension. I have great respect for all of those who have dedicated their time and energy over the years in representing us musicians. It is not a path I would have chosen. My words are not meant as a critique of our present administration. They have worked hard for us, and I know many of them for years. However, after careful consideration, I feel it is a time for change and am enthusiastically supporting Adam to be our new president. I feel that he is best suited to represent our interests for the future.”


Emily Bruskin Yarbrough- Violinist, Claremont Trio, Concertmaster - “Frozen” Broadway 


“It has been nine years since our union last held a contested election, and I am thrilled that we finally have Musicians for Change, a fabulous group of enthusiastic and thoughtful members committed to bringing new ideas and energy to our union's leadership.  So many of us are concerned about the mismanagement of our pension, and Adam Krauthamer has shown tremendous insight, dedication, and leadership in organizing and advocating for all of us on this issue.  I encourage all 802 members to get to know Musicians for Change and to get involved in this election, which may have dramatic long-term consequences for all of us.”

Clint de Ganon- Drums for 11 Broadway shows, currently performing in “Beautiful”, performances with Stevie Wonder, Larry Carlton, Billy Preston, Paul Shaffer, Renee Fleming, Sutton Foster, Elvis Costello, Bob James, Michael Franks, John Pizzarelli.


“Hands down…the biggest offense ever perpetrated against me in my professional life is the disastrous, irreparable, and totally avoidable damage done to my hard-earned pension.  Almost as infuriating is the complete abdication of responsibility by those responsible. The house needs a deep cleaning, folks.  In walks Adam Krauthamer and Musicians for Change.  Adam is the smartest guy in the room. His dedication is so exceptional that he’s willing to suspend a very healthy career as a player to serve us and the needs of this local.  I also know most of the musicians running on the ticket, and I both trust and respect them. I fully endorse Musicians For Change.”

Dave Taylor- Bass Trombone, enjoys playing in NYC ’s symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles, chamber groups, studio gigs( in the golden oldies), composing, teaching, and soloing internationally. He’s in the NARAS Hall of Fame after winning its Most Valuable Player/Virtuoso Award 5 Times.


“I found much to admire in Adam Krauthamer, as he led Musicians for Pension Security over the past two years. His ability to navigate the complex terrain of the systemic failures of our pension fund has been impressive. He is astute and understands the importance of organizing. He is savvy to the value and nuance of social media. Now, as a candidate for president of Local 802, I believe Adam is the best person to guide Local 802 into the future.”

Shelagh Abate- Horn, Frozen Broadway, Triton Brass


“The candidates of Musicians for Change are taking a proactive approach to handling the issues that we, as a union are currently facing. They have their feet firmly rooted in the present, with their focus squarely on the future. This sums up what I feel is truly necessary at this point. We’re at a critical juncture where decisions and changes need to be made, actions taken to ensure this future, and to correct missteps of the past. I trust that they’ll be well led by Adam Krauthamer, and with Musicians for Change comprising the leadership of our union, I’m excited and hopeful about what lies ahead, rather than doubtful and afraid.” 

Charles Pillow- Jazz Artist, has appeared on over 100 recordings of jazz and pop artists such as John Scofield, Joe Henderson, Michael Brecker, Tom Harrell, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Maria Schneider, David Sanborn, David Liebman, and Bob Mintzer.


“Over the last two years, I have worked with Adam Krauthamer and observed his leadership skills at MPS, as he advocated for musicians across the country. We need leadership like this at Local 802, with hard-working individuals who will strengthen our union and push for a more secure future for all musicians. I am excited to support 802 Musicians for Change and hope you will join me in voting for them in December.”

Ron Wasserman-  Principal Bass, NYC Ballet Orchestra


"I fully endorse the 802 MUSICIANS FOR CHANGE Party, especially their officer candidates, Adam Krauthamer and Karen Fisher. In our personal and business interactions, I have found them smart, resourceful, and forward thinking. They and their slate of board candidates are open to the kind of ideas we need to adapt our union to the realities of the 21st-century music business and stop the decline of unionism in music.  


The Members Party, on the other hand, came to power almost 40 years ago with a platform of driving a wedge between full-time commercial musicians, and others, such as teachers, part-timers, and semi-pros.  Now, as that non-union side of the music business happily grows, we see the sad effect. Dwindling numbers of commercial contracts, leading to downward pressure on wages, and worst of all, a pension in crisis.  


What does the current regime do about these things?  Deflect all blame for the pension mismanagement, ignore the new realities of being a musician, and say there is nothing to be done to bring in new work. 


802 MUSICIANS FOR CHANGE will not let this decline continue without a fight. They will GROW our union, both in membership and in contracts. it CAN be done with fresh ideas and smart thinking. Adapting to the 21st century is not impossible, but the first thing to do is recognize we are there.”

Hiroko Taguchi- Violist, Frozen Broadway


"I work with Adam Krauthamer and I’ve enjoyed a good relationship with him as musicians. When he and others started Musicians for Pension Security, I saw immediately that Adam possessed real leadership qualities, and was impressed after hearing him speak at the April 4th meeting about the state of our pension.  I am happy to support him and the Musician for Change ticket. I invite all my colleagues to join me in electing a new Local 802 administration for much needed and overdue change."

Charles Urbont-  Double Bass, Metropolitan Opera, American Ballet Theater


“I’ve decided to support the Musicians For Change slate in the upcoming Local 802 election for two important reasons. First, any large complex organization benefits from a reexamination from time to time, and I think that Local 802 may well be in order for that kind of shakeup. Secondly, the reaction of our local and national officers to the pension crisis has been dispiriting, to say the least. At a time when the consequences of poor management were exposed, rather than throwing open the doors and listening, they chose to adopt a defensive stance and insist that they had done no worse than other mediocre pension plans. Hardly a convincing or encouraging strategy.


While I hold Tino Gagliardi and many of his colleagues in the Local 802 administration in high regard and consider them to be decent and well-intentioned, it is imperative at this time that there be someone willing to hold the trustees of the AFM pension and our national officers to a higher standard. I believe that Musicians For Change offers the membership of Local 802 that kind of voice.”

Martin Andersen- Violist, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra


“I am happy to endorse the Musicians For Change ticket in the upcoming Local 802 elections. Being acquainted with a number of the MFC candidates, and having seen and heard what they stand for, I believe them to be principled and sincere in their stance to seek constructive change to make our Union more responsive to the needs of all Local musicians. Please give MFC your support in their campaign – and help them get out the vote!”

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