There has been an outpouring of support for Musicians for Change since we launched our campaign on October 4th. Musicians in New York know that MFC will build on the progress of the past three years to continue strengthening and renewing our union for the future security of our members.


We have received many endorsements from our fellow musicians which we will be sharing with you throughout the campaign. Today, please take a few minutes to read the words of fellow union members who have voiced their support for the MFC slate of candidates!

Charlie Urbont

Bass, Former Metropolitan Opera Associate Musician & ABT


"I’m proud to endorse the Executive Board slate of the Musicians For Change.  I believe that the members of Local 802 are indebted to Adam Krauthamer and his colleagues for their stewardship of our union during the last two catastrophic years. In addition, the current administration has negotiated very fair contracts for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Met Associate Musicians and the American Ballet Theatre Orchestra. Those are contracts with which I am very familiar and the progress made is substantive and forward looking. I’ve been told by members of the orchestra committees that they felt the union representation at negotiations was outstanding. I believe the MFC slate has earned the opportunity to continue in service to Local 802’s members.

I would also like to congratulate Tino Gagliardi on his resumption of the office of President and wish him well in the coming years. I ask that he and whoever is elected to the executive board work cooperatively for the betterment of our union and those who depend upon it. The Arts community of New York City and our brothers and sisters around the world have been through hell and if ever there was a time to pull together and abandon partisanship, that time is now."

Jody Jarowey & Chris Deschene

802 members since 1983 and 1985, copyists


"My wife and I are both 802 members for over 30 years.  As long time members, We heartily endorse the entire Musicians for Change slate. These last few years have been extremely challenging for everyone, but the way that MFC has handled these challenges has kept our local and our work not just surviving, but always adapting and advancing. MFC truly represents the best way forward for our business and our union. We need Musicians for Change. We need their diversity, in every sense — in experience, point of view, and background. Unions and unionism have been in decline the past 40 years but now (this year really) there are glimmers of change and Local 802, led by MFC can and must be a leader in that resurgence."