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I want to encourage you to please vote for Adam Krauthamer and the entire MFC slate on Tuesday, December 4th. 


Vote - Musicians for Change!


• To elect a new team to rebuild the strength of this union 

• To bring new thinking to the challenging environment we find ourselves in 

• To make our union leadership more transparent and accountable to membership 

• To make our union serve its membership better 

• To rebuild the membership base and strengthen its finances 

• To challenge the trustees of the pension plan to right the ship 


Local 802 Election Tuesday, December 4th 

In-Person Voting Locations:


Local 802 Offices: 322 48th Street, New York, NY 10036  

Polls Open At 10AM - Close At 8PM 


Lincoln Center Area - West Side YMCA: 5 West 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023 

Polls Open At 10AM - Close At 7PM

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