My name is Deborah Assael- Migliore , candidate for the Local 802 Executive Board. I bring a perspective that spans many facets of our industry, Broadway, NY City Center ENCORES! Orchestra member, NY POPS orchestra member  Radio City, Freelance Orchestra Concerts, Chamber Music (founding member Meridian String Quartet) and Recordings.

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As a member of Local 802 since 1985 my experience covers many decades of our ever-changing industry, not only as a professional musician but as a union representative having served on the Broadway Theatre committee for many years, the NY City Center ENCORES! orchestra committee and most recently as the Vice Chair of the Broadway Reopening committee which resulted in a Return to Work agreement that was overwhelmingly ratified by our membership.


I was raised in a local 802 union family. My father, after emigrating from Greece, became the leader of a club date band for which he filed hundreds of contracts through the union in order to provide benefits such as Social Security and Unemployment for his musicians. I followed in his footsteps and joined Local 802 right out of college. I have always been fortunate to benefit from and believe greatly in working under a union contract. My husband, Mike Migliore, was also a very well respected and involved member of local 802 as a woodwind-doubler and Jazz saxophonist.


First and foremost, I am a professional musician. But, over the years, I have come to understand that in order to advocate for change in our industry my involvement in the union needs to increase. Those who have worked with me know that my allegiance, above all, is to my fellow musicians who I’ve worked with my entire professional life. It is with that steadfast priority that I hope to effectively advocate for us and work with my colleagues in any administration that is elected in December.


Spirited debate and different views and ideas are of course essential for a union to thrive and every voice to be heard. Only then can consensus be reached and true solidarity achieved. And, in the end, we are all on the same side — musicians fighting for better contracts, better working conditions, and security for our members.

I believe my experience, my love for this union, and my involvement in very challenging negotiations have prepared me well to serve as your union representative on the Local

802 Executive Board. I ask that you please consider voting for me in the December election.

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