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Dear Colleagues,

Musicians face a stark choice in this election – between a status quo incumbent and a slate of candidates with a vision for proactive change and a stable financial future for musicians. For the first time in almost a decade, our union will have a real election--and elections matter.

The entire MFC slate has received enormous support from musicians across the city. Read our endorsements here. We have posted our ideas for change in the form of the MFC Platform (read it here) and our many campaign events have been energizing, informative and well-attended. Read about our 9/29 rally here. We are grateful for all of your support and encouragement.


This positive energy is in stark contrast to the Members Party, a group that has no significant base of support and must resort to a fear-based campaign against MFC. To date, the Members Party hasn’t held one single public campaign event.


Tino Gagliardi first publicly challenged MFC to a debate from his personal Facebook page last week in a post filled with false claims. His use of a public platform, which our employers and negotiation partners can see, was irresponsible and indicative of his poor judgment and impulsiveness. That publicity stunt doesn’t reflect the Presidential temperament 802 needs and deserves in 2018.  


Over the last nine years, President Gagliardi hasn’t once prioritized engaging members in honest, face to face discussions about the issues. Now six weeks before his only contested election in nine years, Gagliardi suddenly wants to “discuss any and all issues relevant to our collective cause.” It is unfortunate that it took a contested election to convince Gagliardi that open conversations and dialogue are necessary. But if that’s what it takes to get him to try to engage with our membership, I’ll take it. 


I gladly accept Tino Gagliardi’s invitation to debate - assuming that we can agree on a format that will lead to a fair and informative exchange of ideas. We don’t need a circus or a spectacle. We need an event that will be informative to the voters. MFC welcomes the opportunity to further demonstrate that the time has come for change at this union. 




Adam Krauthamer

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