To ensure a better future for all of our members here are just a few MFC policy priorities that are ongoing and others we plan to pursue when elected:

Financial Help for Fellow Musicians

Investment in Member Training & Education

With an uneven recovery happening for musicians returning to work we must continue to support our fellow musicians with financial help by continuing the program we launched in September called “No Musician Left Behind”.

We need to continue to build our power as a union through organizing and member education. We launched “802 Strong: Raising Our Voices” this fall, a series of 6 organizing training sessions to help members learn the fundamentals of labor organizing.  We intend to expand our member education and training to cover collective bargaining, contract campaigns and a shop stewards program, with the long-term goal of organizing sectors of our business that are achievable targets. 

Investment in Leadership Development

We will start a leadership development program to ensure that our members have the education, skills and experience needed to fill the important roles that govern our union.

Investment in Technology & Data Analysis

Technology will help musicians build power in the future.  While in office we undertook a massive infrastructure project that is ongoing to overhaul our 802 database and create the first ever 802 app.  This upgrade will allow 802 to finally use our data to our benefit — to improve member services, to streamline our internal work while becoming more financially efficient, to help analyze targets that can be organized, to analyze data for contract negotiations and many other things that will benefit our members.

Continuing Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To truly understand what our fellow marginalized friends want and desire we must first listen to them and then act. For the first time ever in the history of Local 802 we undertook a demographic survey in order to better understand where we can make improvements on many things, including becoming a more diverse union. Simply acknowledging the inequities the survey highlighted within our union is not enough. When elected we will continue to support our members' efforts to pinpoint ways to increase our unions diversity and highlight areas of inequity.

Continuing to Build Power With Support From Allies

While in office we developed important relationships with key politicians, union leaders and other labor leaders that benefited our members. We now have the support of Senator Schumer, Representative Nadler, Mayor de Blasio, Central Labor Council President Alvarez, Local One President Claffey and many others who have been key to our union building power.  We will maintain and continue to strengthen these relationships.  These relationships have led to new job creation for our members when we needed it most, support in passing key legislation like the American Rescue Plan which saved our pension and support at the bargaining table knowing that our fellow unions here in NYC have our back.