MFC Endorsements
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Suzanne Ornstein - Freelance Violinist

"Adam, who spearheaded this activism, has demonstrated the qualities that we look for in a leader: innovative, persistent, having the ability to seek out expert advice and support, along with the capacities to collaborate, fundraise and communicate. He has also shown that he has the grit to hold up under criticism, whether fair or unjust, coupled with the willingness to adapt and compromise, which is equally important." Read more

Kevin Stites

"It is 2018 and our concerns are great. We need people at our Local who are looking for ways to bring fresh ideas into the building, utilize better skills at the negotiating table, and sincerely listen to its member’s concerns. I believe Adam Krauthamer and the Musicians for Change Party will bring exactly that. I support Adam and the entire Musicians for Change ticket without hesitation. I hope you will join me in voting for them on December 4th." Read more 

Kevin Stites, Music Director

Patriot Brass - Concert 49.jpg

Steve Behnke, Founder of Patriot Brass

"The reason I am endorsing Adam and his whole ticket at Musicians for Change is because they are open to new ideas and want to modernize 802. MFC is different because they are also going to fight for the rights of subs and musicians who only are able to make part of their professional income in Local 802, not just chair holders."


"Not only is Adam’s door open but he reached out to me to learn about my musicians: that is what a vote for Musicians for Change means. I urge you to vote for this wonderful ticket on December 4th: this is the leadership we need." Read More


Georgia Stitt - Music Director

Please vote on 12/4. It may be the pension problem that brought you into this conversation, but if you look deeper, you'll see that the pension problem is symptomatic of a style of leadership that time and time again has failed to serve OR protect us. Please join me and my many fantastic musician colleagues in NYC who have publicly endorsed Adam Krauthamer and 802 Musicians for ChangeRead more