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I’ve been a member of Local 802 for over 30 years. I am presently the concertmaster of The NY Pops, Riverside Symphony, and the School of American Ballet orchestra. I have held numerous chairs on Broadway, most recently concertmaster of the Broadway revival of Carousel. 


I am running to serve because I believe the Trial Board serves an important function in our union. Disputes, grievances and charges can and shouldbe handled with fairness, respect and an ability to see both sides. 

I believe my diplomacy skills will be an asset to the trial board. I work with ease with many types of individuals, and am known as someone who listens carefully to all sides of an issue. This is something that I feel is my strength, and my hope is that I can put this ability to use within our union. 


Local 802 is the largest union in the American Federation of Musicians. By strengthening our union and through cohesive leadership, we can be a positive influence on the AFM at large. I believe an example of positive movement within the union is Musicians for Change, which has brought together members from a variety of musical backgrounds and generations. By infusing energy and ideas from our younger generation with the wisdom and guidance of the older generation I believe we have a chance to revitalize, validate and strengthen our union. 


I believe Musicians for Change will truly be a union for all. 

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