I have been an active chamber, orchestral, studio and Broadway cellist for over 30 years.  I received my BA and MM degrees from Yale University and hold an MBA from Columbia University. I founded and performed in a touring cello quartet for over decade, played in The Ron Carter Nonet for many years, and have worked in the studios a great deal. I have played in many NY orchestras – Encores!, NY City Opera, NY City Ballet, ABT, ACO, Radio City. And I have played on Broadway for all of those years, including working on several shows as an in-house contractor. I have always considered myself an advocate for the musicians at the shows in which I’ve worked.


During the past three years as an 802 Executive Board member I served on the Finance Committee, the Politics Committee, as a Health Fund trustee, a delegate to the Central Labor Council and a delegate to the 2019 AFM Convention. I came to be known as one of the financial watchdogs of the Board during a very challenging time for 802, questioning each expense brought to us by the officers. I take very seriously the careful spending of our hard earned work dues. As a Trustee of the Health Fund I worked with my fellow union side Trustees to keep the Fund solvent while trying to keep as many members as possible covered.


In my time away from the cello, I have raised three accomplished twenty-somethings with my husband, artist Mikel Glass. Before having a family, I worked part time in finance as a debt analyst for an investment firm while pursuing my playing career. As a parent volunteer I ran the cultural arts program at our local elementary school for 7 years and the Scholastic book fair at our local middle school for 3 years (and served on many other school committees). I have been a volunteer alumni interviewer for Yale for the last fifteen years. I’m an avid reader, NY Times puzzle fanatic, yoga devotee, hiker and COVID puppy mom.


Musicians For Change has had a vision to expand our membership, bring more work under contract, modernize 802, and create racial and gender equality and a more diverse membership.  We have accomplished a lot but there is still much to be done and I hope to continue as a voice of oversight and continuity on a new Executive Board.  I am proud to run on this ticket with a smart, thoughtful and proactive group of candidates. Please support the entire MFC ticket this December!

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