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Over his long career both inside and outside local 802 management, bobby has come to the realization that we need to make a change which will bring about much-needed transparency and accountability

Why in 2018 would I run for office? After many years of dedicated service to Local 802, I have become increasingly disturbed by the declining conditions we face with the current administration. I have been galvanized into action, as have my colleagues, and am running for the Executive Board on the 802 Musicians for Change ticket.

It is important to bring historical perspective to a new executive board who may not know the facts about the evolution of Local 802. My long career has afforded me the opportunity to see the Union from both inside and outside. I’ve served on many committees during my career, and gained valuable experience for six years as a business rep working inside the Union. I have lived through the best years and seen the worst days of our industry. The current Executive Board has "rubber-stamped" the day to day workings of the union and has become increasingly passive regarding the critical issues we face. Over the last year, I have come to the realization that we need to make a change which will bring about much needed transparency, and thus, accountability.

In my fifty years of involvement with Local 802, only twice have I seen a successful musician, in the midst of his career, be willing to sacrifice that career for the sake of our Union and its members. Murray Rothstein did not make it to the presidency but John Glasel did. I never thought we would see this again, but as good fortune would have it, Adam Krauthamer has decided to put his playing career to the side and run for President of Local 802. I believe Adam is thoroughly capable of making the necessary changes in our failing union and leading us into the next chapter. I have seen his work on behalf of our pension crisis and was thrilled to be asked to join his team. I implore my brother and sister musicians to embrace this golden opportunity for leadership change, and I would be honored to have your vote for Executive Board.

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