I have been a rank and file member of Local 802 for the past fifteen years.  During that time, I helped to co-found Musicians for Pension Security and Musicians for Change. It has been a great honor to serve as your President of Local 802 for the last three years and I am proud of our accomplishments despite historic challenges. 

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Adam is running for Executive Board

When I took office, our pension fund was in dire straits and many of us were on the brink of losing our hard-earned benefits. Our health fund was due to run out of money by 2021. Local 802 had run deficits for four years straight, including an over $650,000 deficit in 2018 alone. And we had major upcoming contract negotiations, beginning with the Broadway League. Then, just over one year into my tenure, the Covid-19 pandemic struck causing horrific death, illness, and economic damage, resulting in the worst crisis for this union and its members in our almost 100-year existence.


Despite these existential threats, we came together to meet the challenges. After incredibly hard work and advocacy at the national level through rallies, meetings, and petitions, we achieved a truly unprecedented victory: the American Rescue Plan, which saved our pension plan and keeps our trustees from cutting our pensions. Pre-pandemic, we negotiated a landmark Broadway contract, as well as many others, securing some of the largest economic gains our union has seen in decades. Additionally, we set a precedent by negotiating a new 401(k) option in our major new contracts, including Broadway and Radio City.  We also restructured our health plan to avoid major benefit cuts and negotiated a 23 percent increase in healthcare contributions from Broadway. During the pandemic with no contributions coming in, we took immediate action to stabilize and protect the future of the health fund, while also trying to keep as many 802 members covered as possible.  As we emerge from this brutal pandemic, we will continue to make sure that no one is left behind in the recovery. 


The mission of 802 Musicians for Change is to continue to build a more secure future for all 802 members. Everyone running on the 802 MFC ticket reflects this vision and is dedicated to working hard, building on the progress we have made, and continuing to pursue a better future for all 802 musicians.


I am running for the Executive Board because we must continue moving our union forward and build on the progress we have made.  We cannot allow Local 802 to go backwards, reverting to what was an unaccountable status quo.  We deserve to have credible, proven leadership that will continue the momentum MFC put in motion. 


These last three years have shown 802 members what a committed team of engaged, active 802 board members with a unified vision can achieve for our union:  financial stewardship, advocacy, activism, strategic negotiating, strong contracts, technology improvements, expanded resources, pandemic relief, paid job opportunities, and much more. Please join us in our effort and endorse the entire MFC slate!

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