My name is Aaron Korn, candidate for the Local 802 Trial Board, and I have been a member of Local 802 since 2009. Our local has worked hard to ensure that our members have safe and healthy working conditions, advocate for fair and equitable pay and provide vital health insurance for many musicians. I want to make sure Local 802 continues their efforts to support their members and improve working conditions for all professional musicians in New York.

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When I first moved to New York City I was mostly working with small pickup orchestras here and there for very little compensation. After I became a member of Local 802, I quickly learned the benefits of having work covered by a union contract. I have since played in the pits for many Broadway shows, have been a part of numerous film and television sessions, and performed with orchestras throughout the tri-state area.


As part of the organizing committee for the Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) Orchestra, I helped to educate the orchestra members as to the benefits of joining Local 802 and we voted together to become a union orchestra.  I was later elected to the orchestra's Negotiating Committee and, due to closely working with the officers and staff of 802, I have learned a great deal about the workings of our union. I am committed to strengthening Local 802 in order to protect the rights and benefits of its members while becoming a more inclusive and diverse body.


I am running on the Musicians For Change ticket because I believe in their progressive vision. I hope that you will vote for the complete MFC ticket and work together with us to build a greater union for all musicians.

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