Our mission is to strengthen and renew our union and to build a more secure future for all our members.



As a union we need to have an honest conversation. On December 3rd, President-Elect Gagliardi will again be elected by acclamation, having no opposition. We have already experienced the results of an unchecked and unaccountable 802 President and Executive Board. Our members ushered out that failed status-quo three years ago in a landslide election giving Musicians for Change a mandate to strengthen and renew our union for all members. Perhaps that is why so many former Members Party candidates have jettisoned their party name and are running as “independents”, largely endorsing each other in this election.

Although Musicians for Change has not put forth candidates for the top three officer positions, it is important to recognize that Local 802’s Executive Board is the powerful body which is responsible for all final decisions on behalf of the rank-and-file members. MFC has a unified vision, proven record, experience working together, and is willing and ready to hold top officers accountable to engage and produce for all our members. 

This Friday, December 3rd, you have the power to continue moving our union forward by electing the entire Musicians for Change slate of Executive and Trial Board candidates into office. We will work cohesively to steer 802 effectively into the future, making sure our union never again functions as a top-down organization. We pledge to work collaboratively with President-Elect Gagliardi and everyone elected into 802’s new administration to create a unified vision for our union that meets the challenges of the future.  

We need all fellow 802 members to participate in our union's democratic process and vote. A vote for Musicians for Change is a vote for accountable leadership and to BUILD ON THE PROGRESS we all have set in motion as one unified union.

Continue Moving Our Union Forward
We will work collaboratively with the new administration and union staff to build on the progress our administration has made over the past three years.

Experienced Leaders
We are working musicians, representing our entire industry, who bring broad perspectives, leadership experience, and a commitment to the MFC vision of strengthening and renewing our union to build a more secure future for all our members.

We will hold top officers accountable to engage and produce for all 802 members. Our record over the past three years speaks to this important MFC priority.

Strong Political & Inter-union Connections
We will continue to cultivate the relationships we've built over the past three years with elected officials and other unions and guilds. This will keep our solidarity strong and political capital active.

Fiscal Responsibility 
We will continue to balance our operating budget and maximize how members' dollars work for our union.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
We will continue to create spaces to see and hear underrepresented voices in our community. And, we will advance initiatives such as #802Strong:THE NEXT GENERATION, a mentorship pilot program for young musicians with the goal of sharing the unique skills required in musical theatre with historically excluded and underrepresented members of our community.

Commitment to Hearing Every Voice
We aim to build on the increased level of member engagement we saw over the past three years by listening and responding to all voices in our rank-and-file membership. The new internal communications system we launched called #802Strong:UPGRADING THE UNION, will better enable our members to get in touch with and receive prompt responses from 802 leadership and staff.

Three years ago 802 members voted in the entire MFC slate by a historic margin giving Musicians for Change a mandate to rebuild the strength of our union. Today, we commit to carrying the momentum forward by announcing a dedicated slate of Musicians for Change leaders who will continue the work of strengthening and renewing our union to build a more secure future.

These past three years have shown 802 members what a committed team of engaged and active 802 board members can achieve for our union: financial stewardship, advocacy, activism, strategic negotiating, strong contracts, technology improvements, expanded resources, pandemic relief, paid job opportunities, and much more.


We are proud to announce our 2021 Musicians for Change candidates who pledge to continue the positive change and build on the progress of the past three years.

Executive Board

Trial Board

Delegates to the
AFM Convention

Adam Krauthamer

Javier Gándara

Joanna Maurer

Caryl Paisner

Bill Hayes

Alternates for
AFM Convention

Lynne Cohen

Greg Riley

Aaron Korn

NYC Central Labor Council Delegates

Bill Hayes

Joanna Maurer

Caryl Paisner

NY State Federal
Labor Delegate

Lynne Cohen


When we took office in 2019, our pension fund was in dire straits and many of us were on the brink of losing our hard-earned benefits. Our health fund was due to run out of money by 2021. Local 802 had run deficits for four years straight including an over $650,000 deficit in 2018 alone. And we had a major upcoming contract negotiation with the Broadway League among many others.  Then, just over one year into our term, the Covid-19 pandemic struck causing death, illness and economic damage, and resulting in the worst crisis in our union's almost 100-year existence.

Strong advocacy at the national level to save our pension plan.

We have made great progress as a union despite many challenges. Now as we emerge from the pandemic we can’t allow our union to go backwards and revert back to the old status quo.  The entire MFC slate is running for office to ensure that our union continues to move forward, continues to evolve and continues to change in order to ensure a better future for all musicians.  

Continue to support our fellow musicians with financial help through “No Musician Left Behind”